This page mainly introduces overseas third-party products. You can also find companies and products with many MQ and IIB related products from the IBM Business Partners page(Business Partner Application Showcas). In addition, we may be able to mediate transactions and support with the companies introduced on this page. If you are considering introducing it, please feel free to contact us.

List of Products

Capitalware Inc.
Visual Edit, a GUI program that displays, operates, and manages queues and messages, MQ Batch Toolkit, a CLI program that operates, monitors, and manages messages on queues. Must-see.
MQGem Software Limited
A company founded by the author of the MQ Queue Load/Unload Utility, which was registered as MO03 in the MQ Support Pack and used by many users. This is also a must-see.

MQGem Software
Nastel Technologies
A company that is a Platinum Sponsor of the MQ Technical Conference along with Capitalware. Many MQ related products such as "AutoPilot for IBM MQ" of "IBM MQ Monitoring & Management" product. Must-see.
Avada Software
MQ Monitoring and IIB & WMB(Broker) Monitor products.
Qflex is a "Monitor WebSphere MQ and IIB Health" product.
IIB, MQ monitoring products "Square Bubble" and "IIB Maven plugin"
MQ Systems
Create documents from the queue manager configuration.
Fault management tools, MQ message analysis and debugging, activity reports, etc.

Abend-AID for WebSphere MQ
Hiperstation for WebSphere MQ
Strobe for WebSphere MQ
Themis, Inc.
MQ resource usage, performance management, developer resource assistant, etc.
HelpSystems, LLC
MQ monitoring software: MQ Manager
Cressida Technology Ltd.
MQ object change management tool, MQ log message level tracking/reporting/auditing, data analysis, message tracking, reporting, accounting, auditing, information gathering for message recovery, etc.
ObjEx, Inc.
A solution that integrates systems that use Websphere MQ with CA-IDMS-based systems.
Information Design, Inc.
MQ, IIB, WAS health check
TransitionWorks, LLC
A message-oriented framework that communicates over IBM WebSphere MQ and data queues
New Space Tecnologia
Connect CICS applications to applications on other platforms that use MQ series, etc.
Kellton Tech Solutions, Inc.
Automation of creation, build, and deployment of all WebSphere Message Broker/Integration Broker artifacts
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited
Code review tool for IBM Websphere Message Broker and IBM Integration Bus. Guarantee code quality that meets your organization's coding standards, and automate ESQL and message flow reviews developed with WMB
Responsiv Solutions Ltd
Responsiv Jumpstart reduces provisioning time for IBM software solutions, accelerates time-to-market, and accelerates your investment in IBM technology.
Miracle Software Systems, Inc.
An enterprise framework for IBM Integration Bus. Provides clients with a portal to manage all aspects of the integration process.
IBM Japan Systems Engineering
Tools and MQ file transfer programs that support the operation of application systems using WebSphere MQ

MQ osho/MQFX
Shin Nihon System Technology Corporation.
Jennifer is a solution that uses the ability to monitor and analyze the status of currently running web services to intuitively determine web system failures, slow response, poor performance, and server overload, and provides detailed information of the SQL parameters, classes, methods, programs and CPU utilization etc. on a transaction-by-transaction basis.